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"More Mileage, More Savings, More Vroom!"

AutoMax NanoTech Fuel Enhancer (NFE) is a highly concentrated fuel additive that utilises dynamic liquid nanotechnology to deliver multiple benefits unparalleled to any other additives in the world!

  • SAVES fuel up to 28%
    Varies from 8% - 28%, depending on engines, road and traffic conditions, climate and driving habits
  • INCREASE engine power up to 20%
    Enhances combustion for a smoother-running engine with quicker acceleration and increased power
  • REDUCE harmful emissions up to 98%
    Resulting in a cleaner and healthier environment
  • ELIMINATE engine knocks & EXTEND engine life
    By keeping the combustion chamber clean, it eliminates engine knocks and helps maintain a quiet and smooth-running engine for a longer time
  • SAVES on maintenance
    A cleaner engine prolongs life expectancy of the oil filter, engine oils last at least twice longer, thus reduces maintenance costs

AutoMax NFE is an all-in-one power booster, fuel saver, emissions reducer, combustion chamber deposit cleaner and engine protector. It works well with all petrol (leaded or unleaded) and diesel fuels. PERFECT for all types of vehicles and engines - both new and old!

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