Catcheye - you play, we pay
officially launching on 25th Oct 2009
I'm inviting you to join!

What Is Catcheye? is an online advertising platform where we reward everyone for viewing ads. Earn Catcheye reward points and use them to exchange for cash, free gifts, and more! The membership is FREE and every Malaysian can join.

Why Should I Join?
  • You will receive reward points by viewing our ads, which can be converted into cash or other prizes.
  • The more ads that you view, the higher your chance of winning our attractive monthly prizes such as jackpot, free gifts and more!
  • Earn more reward points by inviting others to join Catcheye. They will become part of your network and contribute a portion of their points to you!
  • With Catcheye's charity programme, you can choose to associate yourself with a charity organization and raise fund for them by viewing ads.
Catcheye Referral Programme

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